Dec 202011

There are many on the left and on the right who have criticized presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for his desire to call activist judges before Congress who make bad decisions. Both sides have rightly denounced the move as dangerous because it eats away at the very fabric of our democracy—an independent judiciary.

Gingrich has suggested that judges who issue what he termed “radical” rulings out of step with mainstream American values should be subpoenaed before Congress to explain themselves before facing possible impeachment. As president, he said, he’d consider dispatching U.S. marshals to round up judges who refuse to show voluntarily. In extreme cases, whole courts could be eliminated.

Ok, they have a point, but how can the left complain when their own side has engaged in one massive power grab? They have been more than willing to give Barack Obama any power he desires. So far, the President has dozens of un-approved advisors he calls Czars. Isn’t this an abrogation of the Constitution? And that is not even discussing Obama Care which gives the Exectutive branch of government huge powers. He has signed 106 Executive Orders on everything from spending to regulations and others infringing on the Legislature. But that is not enough. Now Shelia Jackson Lee is suggesting that Barack Obama take upon himself the power once thought to be the purview of Congress.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Tuesday that President Obama “absolutely” should use his executive power to continue the unemployment benefits and payroll tax cut extension and said she hoped to discuss the option with the White House later in the day.

The amazing thing is that Ms. Lee is a sitting Congresswoman, someone who should know better, someone who should know what power Congress has and which of the powers resides in the Congress alone. She should know full well that only Congress can extend unemployment insurance, that only Congress can extend the payroll tax cut. If she wishes to give up this power, she should resign and let someone else assume the responsibility of representing Houston.

One thing we do not need to do is to give Obama even more power to turn the United States into another failed European democracy. Arbitrarily giving the President power reserved for Congress is stupid since doing so would make the President a virtual dictator.

You’ve got to love the Dems. Every time they attack someone for failure to understand the enter-workings in Washington, they make the same mistake.



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