Feb 112011

We have known for some time that Chris Mathews of MSNBC was a far left mouthpiece of President Barack Obama posing as a news anchorman. You might remember those now famous words spoken by Mathews who said he had a tingle run up his leg whenever then presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke. But now he is at it again.

And here [President Obama] is, and he comes into office, and this jubilant situation in Eqypt, with the first time in our lives we get to see people from the Arab world in a very positive democratic setting. Not as terrorists or not as people fighting Israel, or whatever. Not mouthing epithets against the West, but people like us.

In a way it’s like it took Obama to have this happen, or it’s just so serendipitous.

This is even worse than the tingle in his leg! Do we now bow down before the great Obama and praise him every time it rains? Do we give him credit for every good thing that happens…anywhere in the world?

What a stupid comment. I am utterly speechless. Chris Matthews has totally lost it. Any credibility he ever had is gone now. Of course he has not had much since MSNBC has become the mouthpiece for Obama and the far left moonbats.

It makes me wonder if Matthews is trying to ensure an Obama legacy. Legacies are made by great presidents. George Washington was the first president. Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana and wrote the Declaration of Independence. Monroe had the Monroe doctrine. JFK had the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Reagan actively engaged the Soviet Union and asked them to ‘tear down this wall’ (the Iron Curtain). George Bush had 9/11 and brought down Sadam Hussen. And Barack Obama has………nothing.

Presidents ensure their legacy by fulfilling their destiny. Some of it is being in the right place at the right time. Take George W. Bush as an example. He happened to be in office when terrorism came to America. Obama will have his chance. If he is up to the challenge, he will meet it head on. If not, we wait for another president to step up to the plate. History will decide if Barack Obama is able to meet this challenge head on or not. I for one, am not optimistic. But history will decide, not Chris Matthews.

Either way, it is time for Matthews to stop all the pretense, come out into the open and declare that he is the unofficial spokesman for Barack Obama. As a news anchor, he is a joke. Chris Matthews is not fooling anyone by his charade. So far, he shows himself an Obama stooge.



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